Installation Guide LS Central

This release can be used for localizations and demonstrations.

In this version, the POS is only supported on the 32 bit Dynamics Business Central Windows client. Note: The 64 bit client is now the default client when opening Business Central. We recommend setting up the 32 bit client in the LS Central Start tool for the POS.

The following products are available from the LS Retail Portal for download:

  • DD Web Monitor
  • LS Omni
  • Kitchen Display System
  • LS Data Director.

Please refer to the readme files located in the setup directory for direct links and a matching version for the current LS Central release.

If you are upgrading from an older version of LS Nav or LS Central, you need to update the license file (fin.flf) to run this version. This also applies to partner development licenses.

In these instructions references to software versions are in generic form and always refer to the latest version.

In January 2019 LS Central xx.xx stands for LS Central 13.03.