As a Business Central reselling partner, you are administrator of your customers' Business Central tenants, and you are the first line of support.

This means that you will get requests for support from your customers that you must triage, investigate, and either resolve or escalate to Microsoft or LS Retail, depending on the issue's nature.


You must have set up users in your tenant in the Partner Center as either Admin agent or Help Desk agent. They must have delegated administration privileges in your customer’s LS Central SaaS to support the customer. For more information see Delegated administrator in the LS Central Implementation Guide.

Possible scenarios:

  • Outage
    You must take immediate action and report the outage to Microsoft by using the report outage action for the relevant production environment in LS Central SaaS.

  • The extension is a per-tenant extension
    As a partner, you must fix the issue.

  • The extension is an AppSource extension
    You must contact the AppSource partner that developed the extension.

  • The issue is within LS Central
    You must contact LS Retail Support (login required).

  • The issue is within Business Central or an extension is published by Microsoft
    You must contact Microsoft support.

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