Allergens Attribute Groups as Comments

Attribute groups are used for allergens in the Demo Data Company. They group together multiple allergens attributes that have weighted options. These attributes are assigned to items and recipes as information on how much they include of the allergens.

To register allergies for your customers, you can create a single attribute from an Allergens group that includes all the options relevant to the customer from the attributes within the group (an option per allergy and per weight). You create a comment category from the allergy attribute and then you have the means of registering allergy comments with your dining reservations. You can let allergy comments be sent to the kitchen automatically by marking the comment category with Kitchen Option Send to Kitchen.

When the customer makes a dining reservation and informs you of allergies, you add allergy comments to the customer's reservation: in the Comment page or panel, you select an allergy comment category and one or more allergy options.

You can add the allergy comments to the dining reservation directly or any reservation related to the dining reservation, such as the activity reservation or activity group reservation.

To keep a connection between the Allergens attributes that are assigned to items and the new single attribute, the options of the new attribute are linked to the options in the allergens attributes.

To create a single attribute from an attribute group

  1. Click the icon, enter Attribute Groups, and select the relevant link.
  2. Select the attribute group in question.
  3. Click the Process action, and then click Create Attribute From.
  4. In the page that opens, enter a Code and a Description for the new attribute. By default, the program enters the value of the Description (Customer) field as Code for the new attribute and Description.
  5. Click OK. The Attribute Card appears showing the new attribute. The option values created are one per each option of the attributes in the group that are not hidden from the customer. The program inserts the new attribute's Code into the Linked Attribute field for the attribute group.
  6. Edit the option values and option value (Customer) as needed, so that an option clearly states which allergy the option is for.
  7. Click the Process action, and then click Create Comment Category From. The Comment Category Card appears showing the new comment category. You may want to select Send to Kitchen as Kitchen Options.
  8. Select an appropriate priority to highlight the importance of the allergy.


The Allergens-8 attribute group has eight attributes, each with three options where Severe and Mild are not hidden from the customer. The Description (Customer) is Allergies-8.

After creating an attribute from the Allergens-8 group, the attribute Allergies-8 now exists with 16 options. Each option is linked to the corresponding option value (attribute code and sequence). You can edit the option value descriptions as you want for each option to make sure that the option states which allergy it represents. You can also decide to have only the Severe options, and then you just delete the Mild options altogether to simplify the choices.