Dining Area Section Preferences as Comments

You can let your customers choose in which dining area section(s) they would prefer to sit in for dining. To accomplish this you need to set up dining area section attributes. During automatic allocation, the program uses the dining area section attribute options to pick dining tables in the preferred section(s).

You need to link a dining area section attribute to a corresponding comment category. When the customer makes a dining reservation for a dining area and wants to dine in a specific section, you add section preference comments to the customer's reservation: in the Comment page or panel, you select a section preference comment category and one or more section options.

You can add the comment to the dining reservation directly or any reservation related to the dining reservation, such as the activity reservation or activity group reservation.


If a dining table is allocated automatically when the reservation is confirmed or later, the allocation process tries to pick dining tables within the preferred sections.

Generally, you would need to create one attribute per dining area, where the dining area sections are the options of the attribute. If any of your dining areas have the exact same sections, they can share the attribute.

To create a dining area section attribute

  1. Click the icon, enter Dining Areas, and select the relevant link.
  2. Select dining area in question.
  3. In the Action bar, click Create Section Attribute From.
  4. In the page that opens, enter a Code and a Description for the new attribute. By default, the program enters the Code of the dining area in the Code field.
  5. Click OK. The Attribute Card appears showing the new attribute. The option values created are the dining area sections.
  6. The program fills in the Din. Area Section Attr. Code field of the dining area with the code of the new attribute. The program uses this field during automatic allocation of dining tables in the dining area to pick dining tables in the preferred section(s). To use the same attribute for multiple dining areas that have the same section codes, enter the code of the dining area section attribute in this field.

    Note: Do not change the option values. They must match the dining area section codes exactly.

  7. In the Action bar, click Create Comment Category From. The Comment Category Card appears showing the new comment category.

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