Setting Up Centralized Comments

Centralized comments need a simple setup to ensure that they work well for the type of business you are running. When you set up a new company, the system automatically initializes the Comment Setup page.

To set up centralized comments in a new company

POS data

The Comment Setup page includes

To set up centralized comments in a new company

  1. Click the icon, enter Comment Setup, and select the relevant link.

Comment priorities

  • Consider which comment priorities you want to set up. You need at least one. They control the font style of the comments and make important comments stand out.

Comment categories

  • Consider which comment categories you want to create. They are an important tool to group comments together and set default priority and kitchen handling of comments.
  • Consider how you want the related comments to be grouped by selecting the desired option in the Related Comments View field.

Note: Certain POS data need to be in place before you can switch options.

Predefined comments (attributes)

  • Consider linking attributes to certain comment categories. They are used as predefined comments, with accurate information on allergies, occasion, dietary preference, dining table preferences, and so on.
  • Consider creating attributes (and linking them to the corresponding comment categories) for dining tables in your dining areas and dining area section preference attributes. Then your customers can request certain kinds of dining tables and section preference when booking a dining reservation. You can easily see whether such dining tables are available and the automatic allocation process uses the customers' choices to allocate preferred dining tables.

POS data

The LS Retail Demo Data Company includes the POS setup needed for comments. This includes:

  • Comments panels to view, edit, and insert comments.
  • Comment Data Grid to have a simple one column overview of comments within #POS panels, the Reservation Desk, and Allocation panels.
  • Commands to open the Comments panels in #POS panels, pop-up menus, and data grids.